Spotlight Of The Day: Vivetta


The Vivetta collection are one of the highest sought after designer fashion labels of all time for good reason. Known for being fresh and fun, the delightful label is where modern sharp tailoring meets eccentricity to form artistic fashion pieces for individualistic people. Here’s what you need to know about Vivetta:


Fashion Designer Vivetta Ponti learned the intricate details of her trade from Roberto Cavalli, an Italian fashion designer and inventor. Inspired and determined, the fashion designer is quick to learn and eventually successfully established her Italian contemporary brand, Vivetta in 2009. Today, Vivetta has made a place in the fashion industry and only grows more and more popular as time passes. It’s reputation has since spread to international waters, with boutiques rushing to place Vivetta clothing on their shelves.


Vivetta clothing has been described with different labels all the time. However, the general consensus amongst everyone is that Vivetta clothing is delightful with it’s fresh and fun elements. Vivetta apparel are usually a mix between modern sharp tailoring mingling with eccentric prints in tasteful and surprising combinations. Attractive yet playful, modest yet mischievous, the Vivetta brand has successfully found a magical balance between the unexpected and channeled that unique ability into the creation of tantalising statement making fashion pieces with frivolity and assertiveness.


Designer Vivetta Ponti is inspired by vintage silhouettes, poetry, dolls, antiques, 50s-themed furniture, 60s/70s tapestries and other nostalgia inducing elements. She has worked hard to incorporate her inspiration into her own clothing brand, mingled with surrealist themes, unconventional details, contemporary silhouettes, clean contrast, and other delightful elements. You can expect to find Vivetta’s characteristic flair to each of the designs that are introduced in the Vivetta brand.

Customer base

Since it’s introduction, Vivetta has garnered quite a lot of positive attention. Even named celebrities have been spotted wearing some of Vivetta’s designs. Some of which includes: Anna Dello Russo, Pixie Lott, Alexa Chung, Harley Viera Newton and Portia Freeman. To top it off, the Vivetta brand has also caught the eye of fashion editors and bloggers like Leith Clark (Lula Magazine), Eva Fontanelli (Elle Italia Fashion Editor), and Leaf Greener (Elle China Fashion Editor). It is plain to see that Vivetta is going places.


The Vivetta collars are one of it’s most well received apparel pieces out of all the fashion pieces. Some of the best vivetta collars that have garnered attention includes the: Katerine Collar, Bloom Collar, Rainbow Collar, Tattoo Collar and Flowers Collar.

Dresses and Skirts

Vivetta dresses and skirts have also been generating positive responses from the public. Some of the most popular dresses and skirts are the: Anemone Dress, Martedi Dress, Penelope Dress, Hollis Dress, Hollis Setam Stripes Dress, Mimma Skirt, Ortenzia Skirt, and Elena Skirt.

Tops and Shorts

Vivetta is also hard at work coming up with fresh pieces for tops and shorts as well. Some of the most popular separates are: Ginevra Top, Mori Top, Lulli Pois Pants and Licia Shorts.

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