Students who live at home miss out on university life

Almost a quarter of students in the UK stay at home due to limited finances. Students have to stay put and study within commuting distance. While this option is certainly economical, it is not necessarily practical. You should make efforts to keep your student debt to a minimum, but you should not miss out on university life. Going to university if not all about your degree, it is a chance to develop your independence, to try new activities and befriend people from different social and cultural backgrounds. What you should do is leave the parental nest and move into student accommodation Leicester Universities. Housing is affordable and you will not miss important opportunities.

Staying with mom and dad will hurt your friendships

The number of students that are living at home is directly proportionate to the increase in tuition fees. It is quite obvious that these undergraduates come from socio-economic background that are afraid of debt. But there is also a social aspect involved. Parents who have not been to university do not understand the benefits of moving away. Even if you do meet people, they will remain simple acquaintances. Unlike students that live on campus or in shared flats, you will not develop meaningful relationships. People who live with roommates go out more, they go drinking and clubbing and you will miss on all of that. While you will not suffer academically, you will feel isolated or at least you will feel like you are missing out on the joy of university life.

You will not learn to be independent

Living at your parents’ house may seem like the right choice since you can save a load of money. As opposed to students that live in university halls of residence or private rented accommodation, you will not work crazy orders and you will still have money left to enjoy yourself. Living at home does not mean that you do not contribute. You contribute to the utility bills and what else? Well, unfortunately undergraduates who stay at home while studying rely on their parents to take care of the rest. When you live with other students the situation is different. If you share housing, for instance, then you will have to pay the rent and share household responsibilities. Being away from home is an excellent opportunity to learn how to become less dependent on your family.

Being prepared for uncomfortable sleeping

Living at home implies that you have to be ready to experience some uncomfortable nights sleeping at your friends’ floors. It is true that it helps having a good relationship with your parents, but waking them up too many times will not do. If you want to keep going out, then you need to have a place of your own. Living at home could be for you, but you have to consider if you are prepared to tolerate your parents for another year or more.

The bottom line is that leaving home does not mean that you are leaving your nearest and dearest.