Successful single mother: become an inspiration for your daughter


Today’s judgmental society shamelessly puts down single mothers who struggle to raise healthy and beautiful children, regardless of the problems or difficulties they encountered in the past. However, these are strong women who managed to rise from the ashes and provide financial stability for their little ones, besides an endless love. Few realize that even though some women become single mothers by choice, other do not have this luxury. Whether they had to deal with abusive or addicted partners, teenage pregnancies or daunting divorces, after they overcame that dark stage in their life, their purpose on earth changed completely. Their new mission is to create a harmonious and positive environment for their children while succeeding professionally as well. No working mother should feel guilty for having the ambition to pursue her career goal when also wanting to become a role model for her daughter. Balancing these two roles might not be achievable, but it does not mean that you should not try. In fact, researchers encourage you to do it.

Help you daughter learn from your failures and success

 Whether you are struggling to climb the corporate ladder by engaging in new projects and impressing your superiors or you just decided to make your teenage dream come true and apply to cosmetology school, having to raise a daughter should not impede you from keep evolving personally and professionally. On the contrary; your daughter benefits from your accomplishments tremendously and we are not talking about the financial part. Once again, researchers prove that daughters raised by ambitious single mothers end up being more successful in adulthood than daughters raised by non-working mothers. The explanation is simple: as a professional woman, you represent a great role model for your daughter. In fact, you represent the living and breathing proof that it is worth it to chase your dreams and fight to achieve your goals. Of course, if you want to maintain your high productivity in a competitive work environment without sacrificing quality time with your daughter, you will need a strategic approach.

Raise on your own a powerful and independent daughter

You have two main priorities: being there for your daughter and being unbeatable at work. Keeping that in mind, you will have to plan each day so that you do not focus more on one and lose sight of the other. For instance, group the activities in such way that it allows you to visit the water park with your daughter while keeping in touch with co-workers or clients. Even if you mix personal and professional tasks in a single day, at least make sure that you concentrate your attention on each one at a time. Furthermore, make sure that you raise a powerful girl by encouraging her to make decisions and solve issues without expecting you to intervene on her favor, pursue her passion with all her heart, do not hesitate to take risks, let her know your moral and family values while allowing her to disagree and express her own opinion.