The 2017 Ford Focus – How appropriate is it as a family car?

In terms of family vehicles, the requirements are diverse from family to family. Numerous families draw their attention towards spacious cars, while, families with a fairly small number of members care more about comfort and techy features. However, according to Edmunds, the 2017 Ford Focus, is a great family car, but only for those small families previously mentioned. It is compact enough to make a ride in the city comfortable and convenient enough in a busy traffic, yet it has the necessary room for children in the back. Being a small sedan many choose it for various reasons, as described below.

A comfortable, compact car

This car is small enough to offer increased levels of flexibility to the driver, yet to fit comfortably two children in the back. It might not be the most spacious vehicle out there, but you have to compromise the space for more flexibility when riding preponderantly in a busy city. With an outstanding, sporty appearance is complementing perfectly its functional purpose and although its finishes might eat some of the available space, it is still a great car for small families.

Incredible safety features

Its safety features are similar to the ones luxury cars have. It has blind pot monitors available, making the driving experience more pleasant for driver and passengers equally. Parking assistance features can also be found in this model, and they equally contribute to the model’s safety levels. Although there are safer vehicles on the market, this one has a fair quality-to-price ratio.

A techy model

A plus experts find in this car is its technical specifications. It has incorporated a hill start assistance option, a rear view camera, a generous central display, Bluetooth, voice sync control options, CD player as well as a couple of USB ports. Yes, it has all the necessary specs to assure higher comfort levels. You can distract your noisy children by playing an e-book or their favourite music. You might dislike it, but at least, you won’t have to listen to them fighting. Also, in terms of diver comfort, you must know this model comes with an adjustable driver’s seat.

A model providing great road performances

The 2017 Ford Focus has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, with five speed manual transmission. It performed quite well on tests, going from zero to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds. In our book, this is a great performance. The sedan model comes with an Eco Boost turbo engine. Also, there is an electric version of this vehicle, and with estimated parameters of 32 kWh per 100 miles. This is quite an economic version, appropriate for all the green families out there.

Is it the perfect family, car? We cannot say it is perfect, but all its features make it appropriate for small families. Its reduced dimension turn it into a flexible option in busy cities, while the increased safety standards make it appropriate for children.