The ingredients of a perfect baby shower


If you are in charge of organising the baby shower of your best friend, there are a few items that should not miss from the party, because they will make the event more fun and enable everyone to have a lot of fun. Of course, you should always ask the mom if she wants something in particular, but here are the main items that should not miss from any baby shower:

Plain onsies and accessories

One of the favourite activities of every person who attends a baby shower is making cute and funny onsies for the future baby. For this you will need to have at least one onsie for each person as well as pain, sheer ribbon and thread and needles. This way everyone will be able to use their imagination and create cute and funny onsies that your friend will surely appreciate. The entire point of a baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of the new baby and lift the spirits of the new mother and perhaps help her with some of the items she needs. However, the guests will have to be entertained and everyone will look forward to the moment when they have to make a cute little onsie.


Delicious snacks

You don’t have to serve a three course meal at this type of event, because it is mainly among very close friends, but you will have to have some sort of snacks for the guests. You can either hire a caterer or make something yourself. Make sure you serve something that everyone can eat, so a great variety of snacks is preferable. Include both sweet and sour snacks and you can be sure that everyone will be happy.


The right soundtrack

A baby shower is in fact a small party and since no party should be without music, take your time and find some songs that everyone loves or at least some background music that will fill the atmosphere and make everything more enjoyable. Nobody likes it when there is too much quiet during a get together and while you can be sure you will have a lot to talk about, there should still be some music in the background.



All guests should have something from the baby shower, which is why favours are a must. The good part is that they can be something edible and wrapped nicely, so you can offer cookies and tea or pie to go or anything else that pops through your head. Of course, small figurines are an option too, so if you want to offer guests something they can actually keep, this might be a better choice.