This is how to stabilize your driveway gravel


There are many advantages to having a gravel driveway. Gravel driveways reduce the level of roadside dust, not to mention that they are easy on the budget. The only issue with gravel driveways is that they require a great deal of maintenance. One thing you have to do if you have a driveway made from this kind of surface material is to is to make it easier for cars to pass through. More precisely, you have to take measures to ensure the driveway gravel is stabilized. To make sure that your driveway is sitting on a stable foundation, use these tips.

Inspect the gravel

There is no way of knowing how many pebbles or dirt is loose until you actually check the rcok fragments. The layers beneath the top layers are the ones that provide you stability and support, so there is where you should start your check. It may or it may not be necessary to buy more material. As a general rule, the less gravel you have on the driveway, the more you have to buy.

Buy gravel grids

Gravel grids act as a rigid base, so they are more than worth their cost. What they do is keep the rock in place and, most importantly, they prevent washout. Thanks to the grids, the pebbles and the dirt will not shift when driven upon. For increased resistance and load support, opt for those that are made specifically for roads and parking lots.

Buy stabilisation fabrics

Even if you by gravel grids, it is still a good idea to invest in stabilisation materials. The last thing you want is for your driveway to deteriorate. Remove the existing layers and add geotextile fabric on top of the subway layer. In terms of stabilising materials, you can purchase granite, crushed granite, and even crushed rock.

Invest in edge restraints

To prevent complicated structural problems, it is advisable to buy edge restraints. Edge restraints are products that keep the gravel in place, while at the same time allowing some flexibility. If you have the time and energy to install the edge restraints, then go ahead. But why should you not have time for your precious driveway?

The bottom line is that if you do not want your gravel driveway to decay in time you have to take measures. There is nothing better than having a pavement made from unconsolidated rock, yet you have to invest time and energy to keep it in good condition.