Throwing a Fun Bachelor or Hen Party – The List

Throwing a fun event for your best friend who might be soon getting married is the duty we must all comply. And luckily, these events are fun to organize and even more entertaining to attend. But before jumping to action and setting up the date, make sure to follow the advice below. It will definitely help you in the process. This way, your best friend will have the time of their lives and relax a little before the big, stressful event.

Set a budget and don’t break the bank

You might be tempted to throw an expensive party for your trusty friend, and they might deserve it, but you want to avoid breaking the bank in the process. After all, everybody involved in the party, except for the bride or groom to be, will be paying for it. Establish a budget with the other friends involved, and stick to it. A very common mistake is going overboard with such events. After all, you will afford to hire naked butlers & promotional girls for your event regardless of your budget. Make sure to establish the budget early on, so everybody has the time to find the necessary money they must contribute to organizing the event.

Ask questions, don’t make unpleasant surprises

Many friends might think that they know what their best friend likes the best, but before picking a theme and organizing a party, make sure to ask the bride or groom to be what their preferences are. They might hate your idea of an ideal hen or bachelor party, after all. Better make an informed decision so everybody, especially the main character of the event, will be happy.

Fun party favoured, embarrassing ones, not so much

No bride to be or groom-to-be has even been happy over an embarrassing party favour, so avoid those. Better prepare and order some fun, witty ones. After all, those photos and favours will remain for eternity and you don’t want everybody to remember the awkward moment when looking back to that evening. Instead, make your friends leave the party with some amazing memories.

Make it personal, not just another night out

Many mistake this particular night for a regular night out, but this shouldn’t be a reality. Make it as personal as you can for your best friend. You may not remember exactly how the events developed during this particular night after years and years, but they certainly will. And if you treat it like another night out, this won’t happen. Hire their favourite DJ, or plan a dinner at their favourite restaurant, or surprise them with a location where they want to go. This will do the trick.

These are some simple guidelines that will help you organize better the whole hen or bachelor party for your best friend. Make sure to research their preferences, as not all suggestions work as well for everybody. However, make it a night to remember.