Tips for Buying and Using a Multifuel Stove

There are several things you will need to follow when buying a multifuel stove. Using it is not as difficult as choosing one and it provides you an amazingly efficient way to warm your house. Although you may be used with the traditional wood-burning stoves, multifuel stoves come with a much larger variety of fuel used. You won’t have to worry about finding quality logs for a wood-burning stove, but instead you can choose from the wide range of fuel types you can use with your multifuel one.

If you have been changing your mind whether to buy one or not, try looking online for multifuel stoves Huddersfield, reading reviews or analysing the specs carefully and you will be convinced that this is the right option for you. Keep reading if you want to know some things about usage, consumption and other important details that will help you in the near future. Get prepared for the cold season and you will be comfortable and warm at all times.

Basic requirements

Before buying a stove of any kind make sure you gather information about the room (and the building) you are going to place it in. You will have to know the exact size of the room (including height), the layout of the respective room and of the house itself (because you will need to know where the open spaces are to place the stove safely), the age of the building and even insulation details. There is a lot of preparation necessary in terms of establishing whether your house is appropriate for a multifuel stove or not.

Smoke issues

Certain areas are included in smoke controlled areas which mean you can’t burn whatever material you like at your own please and release the smoke in the environment without any kind of filtration. Burning wood requires an additional purchase: a Defra-approved stove. This is a little bit complicated and that’s why you should opt out for a fuel which is smokeless (for instance, anthracite). Multifuel stoves will allow you to use smokeless fuels of your own choice which is a great benefit both for your house and the environment.  

How much space would you like to heat?

Heating a single room versus heating a whole property requires thinking twice when choosing a stove. Usually a multifuel stove is used for only one room. You will have to take that into account before making the investment. Building regulations are an issue too in case you are living in an area with specific rules regarding this matter. These rules can seriously affect the decisions you are making, given the fact that you’ll have to buy a specific type of stove. Luckily, multifuel stoves are the ones that are recommended because of their flexibility in terms of fuel choice.


This being said, buying and using a multifuel stove is not complicated if you know what to do. You will need to gather information about both your house and the area you live in, but it will be worth it for sure.