Top tips for choosing the right student accommodation

If you are on your way to university, you should sort your accommodation as soon as possible. Your choice of residence will have a significant impact on your university experience. Not all universities offer a place to live and those that have university halls of residence are generally overpopulated. You are responsible with securing your own student housing Newcastle, which is the reason why you should not waste another minute and start looking for a place. In order to find the right student accommodation, use these top tips.

Think what student housing options suit your budget

It is important to think first about what fits into your budget. This is not the part you were looking forward to, but it is necessary to be realistic. You will not be able to rent a luxurious place on a student budget. Places with facilities such as gyms or study spaces are not exactly cheap and, therefore, you should not include them in your plan. When looking through different options, you will notice that there is a clear difference in the cost. Meals and tuition are more important than extra services, which you do not really need.

Meet with the rental agency first

You should not rush into signing an apartment lease. The reason why you should not put down a security deposit prior to meeting with the agency is that you can be subject to frauds. Before the administrative process begins, demand to see the outside and the inside of the property. This way, you will avoid deceit and you will know exactly what you are paying for. If you decide that the place is suitable, you should pay the deposit electronically and make sure to get a receipt.

Consider your neighbours

When it comes to renting student accommodation, it is advisable to share student accommodation. By staying with a friend is cheaper compare to renting your won place. You will get the chance to choose who you want to live with for the very first time, not to mention that you can split the costs. However, you and your housemate have to select your neighbours carefully. If you have to be up studying for hours, the neighbour’s stereo will make it hard to get anything done. The noise coming from above will also keep your from sleeping. Therefore, regardless of how wonderful the location and the neighbours may seem, do some research beforehand.