Types of calcium supplements specifically designed for children


Being a parent is probably the most difficult job in the world, since there are no training courses and no instructions manual to guide you through. As a parent, you need to be careful on what aliments your child eats, what they drink and what supplements they should take in order to avoid vitamin deficiency. When it comes to calcium, it is generally agreed that the best source of getting it is dairy products, but some children have lactose-intolerance or do not like these products at all. In this case, you should read some algaecal reviews in order to learn more about the benefits of calcium supplements. Here is how you can make your child take calcium supplements effortlessly.

Chewing pills

It is commonly known that most children hate taking pills, and parents all agree that when moments like these ones come, everything turns into a warzone. No matter how much they try, they simply cannot make their children take those ugly and bad-tasting pills, although they are supposed to do them good. However, in order to make things easier, many companies specialized in manufacturing calcium supplements in different forms in order to make them look more attractive and make easier for parents to convince their kids to take those pills. This is the reason why calcium supplements in the form of chewing pills have made their way through the market. Besides the fact that it is easier for children to swallow them, most of these pills also have good taste.

Gummy bears

Another popular form that calcium supplements can be found on the market is gummy bears. Compared to the chewing pills described above, these gummy bears supplements appear to be more successful in convincing children to take them. The reason is quite simple – gummy bears have better taste and are more attractive, since they come in a variety of sizes and colors which are more appealing to the children’s eyes. However, it is worth mentioning that both chewing pills and gummy bears are recommended to children who have had their teeth grown.

Drinkable calcium supplements

Last but not least, in case your child does not or cannot take calcium supplements in the form chewing pills or gummy bears, you can always resort to drinkable supplements. Whether you mix them with fresh fruit juice or simply with water, it is the best method to resort to in order to help your child take his or her daily calcium dose. Keep in mind that no matter what you choose, you have to ensure that the supplements you buy are of the highest quality and that are specifically designed for children only.

The importance of achieving the right calcium balance in children

It is highly important to make sure that your child achieves the right calcium balance specific for his or her age. It is commonly known that calcium is the mineral that helps bones grow and in the case of children, having a well-balanced calcium diet is mandatory in order to develop properly.