Unique gift ideas for your husband’s birthday

Being happily married for ten or more years is a great achievement and a reason to be happy. However, living with someone for so long does come with some annoying situations, one of them being a creative rut when it comes to birthday gifts. It’s all easy and fun for about five years or so, but the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to think of creative ideas. Here are some timeless gifts for men that will definitely please your husband, no matter his age or hobbies.

Rent a luxury car for him

All men love cars, whether they like it or not, and they all dream of driving an expensive prestige car at one point in their life. But, life comes in the way and very few men get to do that. You might not be able to buy your husband a Bentley, but what you can definitely do is hire luxury cars for one day. It’s not very expensive and you can choose from prestige auto brands such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Your husband can drive the car around town and have an amazing time knowing that he was at the wheel of an exclusive vehicle.


Beer subscription

Beer is a man’s best friend and companion – apart from you, of course. If your husband is a beer enthusiasts, but he’s been complaining about the lack of brand variety in your local supermarkets, you can surprise him with a beer subscription. For a fixed monthly price, this service delivers to your door rare beer varieties from all over the world.


Pool table

If the space allows you, a pool table is an excellent gift idea for your husband. Everyone loves playing pool so an extra benefit is that you’ll have a party essential. When you invite people at your place, they’ll never get bored because they can play pool for hours!


Tailored suit

Although not many men love dressing sharp, they can all admit that a high quality, tailored suit is must-have for fancy events. If your husband has been complaining that he doesn’t have anything to wear for formal occasions and he’s reluctant to buying a suit, why not pay for one? You can order an expensive designer suit, but, even better, you can take him to a luxury tailor shop where he can choose the fabric and the