Wedding planning – choosing the right event caterers

With your special day approaching, you might be currently under a lot of pressure due to the wide range of planning responsibilities you have on your checklist. Because the success of any reception is somehow linked to the food you will be serving, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is selecting the right catering services. Although this might seem easy, considering there are so many options available, if you don’t want to take any risks and deal with issues in this department, you should focus on a few relevant factors when deciding on the right wedding caterers, and these are:

Experience with weddings

Perhaps you will come across a team of caterers, who have the necessary skills to prepare delicious food, but lack of experience with this type of evens could affect their capabilities, and being overwhelmed with higher demands than usual might happen. To not let inconveniences ruin your wedding, it’s safer if you choose to hire professionals who have provided services for weddings on multiple occasions. They will know exactly how to handle cooking for a large number of people, and how to manoeuvre their job in order for every guest to enjoy the right type of food at the right time. Experience should never be neglected.

Taste sample

Regardless if you are going for traditional menu courses, for a buffet or for an all-vegan dish variety, it’s essential to actually taste the dishes before serving them at the reception. After finding a catering team that has caught your interest, before booking their services, plan a sample tasting test. Actually trying out what the caterers will be preparing for your event is the only way you can actually conclude if they are what you are looking for. Perhaps the food photographed and posted on their website might not actually reveal is quality or tastiness, so to be safe, try a few meals out.


Last but not least, because you probably have a wedding budget you have to stick to, you will also need to inform yourself about the caterers’ fees. Although you should not value money before the quality of their work, before reliability or other important factors, you should discuss costs right from the start, in order to establish if you can truly afford their services. Being transparent regarding their fees will also be a sign of reliability and professionalism, so before you book a catering company or another for your big event, don’t forget to talk money.  

Food is an essential part of any party, and when it comes to a wedding reception, the meals you serve become even more relevant. Because you probably want each detail of your wedding to be planned out perfectly, choosing your caterers is a decision that needs to be done with precise attention. These few guidelines will help you select a catering company that will manage delivering the high quality services you expect, so make sure you take into account each one when analyzing your options.