What mould can do to your family?

Often enough, we mistakenly believe that mould is not actually a problem, but an issue that makes design more complicated to achieve. Unfortunately, treating mould in a superficial manner will only lead to further, more complicated problems and in time, you might end up regretting this attitude. The good news is that there are plenty of articles being distributed that inform people about the importance of mould testing. Knowing that you have this problem in your home, even when it is not obvious to the simple eye and taking care of it properly could really save your family from further health issues. Maybe this is the detail that people are unaware of. Maybe not enough people know exactly what mould can do to their health. This problem can affect all members of your family, but especially children and elderly individuals, plus those that have an immune system. They are the main targets of mould, but rest assured that the others are not risk free. You can be a strong individual, in great health, but this doesn’t mean that mould will not affect you. So, here are three ways in which your health can be affected by mould.

Asthma: serious breathing difficulties

Asthma is no condition to joke about. This is a serious breathing problem that could have severe consequence on your body. Living in an improper environment, surrounded by damp or mould can be a danger, especially if you are a sensitive person. For instance, one of the common reactions when meeting mould is sneezing and in the case of people with breathing difficulties, not necessarily asthma, repeated sneezing sessions could eventually lead to a breathing attack. In that situation, you might want to have your inhaler around.

Allergic reactions

Because mould is not always easy to see, people might go around for years in a row, thinking that there is nothing wrong with their home. So, in the case of individuals experiencing allergies, the explanation for these problems is simply unknown. It may be true that allergies are rather common and that they do not affect the life of the individual beyond a certain measure. However, it can add to already existing problems. For instance, if you are experiencing headaches, a running, blocked nose, cause of an allergy, could really worsen your situation, making it harder to breath and making you feel even worse. Other manifestations of allergies are red, watery eyes, coughing and sneezing.

Appearance of eczemas

The problem with mould is that it causes a condition to appear, which will led to another, and another and so on. Basically, if you were to take care of your home and clean it adequately, removing all the mould in the house, you could get rid of a lot of issues that are bothering you and you didn’t even know were connected. For instance, eczemas are asthma consequences, in some cases. The reddish, itchy skin that keeps on appearing could be a way through which your body is trying to tell you that it is not feeling good and that it needs help.