Why do doctors recommend weighted blankets for autistic children?

It is generally agreed that taking care of a child with special needs can be quite challenging and demanding. However, in the past years, numerous items that are supposed to make autistic children’s lives easier have appeared on the market such as weighted blankets, therapy swings, chew necklaces and other such special needs items. Believe it or not, these products have some great therapeutic effects onto children with special needs, so you can look for “weighted blanket autism” on the internet if you are interested in buying one for your child. Here are more useful details about these weighted blankets and their therapeutic effects.

They provide amazing therapeutic effects

There are numerous doctors who advise parents of autistic children to buy such weighted blankets due to the many therapeutic effects that come with these special needs products and one of the most important benefits is the fact that they help children calm down easier. It is commonly known that children who suffer from autism experience different behavior problems and crisis and one great way to avoid for these behaviors to put someone in danger is to have a weighted blanket, since it provides calming and soothing effects to your autistic children.

They are safe

The moment they hear about “weighted blankets”, many parents automatically think of some blankets that are so heavy that they hold their children still and do not allow them to move at all, but they could not have been any more wrong. These blankets contain small magnets, glass beads or pellets which are sewn somewhere inside the blanket and which are placed all over it. There is no need to worry that these blankets are dangerous for your child, since they do not weight too much, but are specifically designed from high quality materials to help your child calm down, relax and fall asleep easier and faster.

The selection is quite large

If  you have decided to invest money in such a blanket for your autistic children, you should know that there is a wide selection of this type of products available on the internet from which you can choose the one that perfectly matches your desires and your child’s needs. There are blankets of different sizes, from those suitable for toddlers, to king size blankets, but this only depends on the manufacturer. The fabric these products are made from is quite an important aspect when buying weighted blankets, since you have to make sure it is comfortable enough for your child. Some of the most common materials are fleece, cotton, flannel or a combination of two of these fabrics, not to mention that there is also a wide range of fabric prints, so your child can select the one he or she likes the most.

As you can see, this is some useful information about weighted blankets you should know about. Keep in mind that even though most doctors recommend this type of products to children suffering from autism, you should still consult a doctor before making the purchase in order to make sure it is the right choice for your child.