Why opt for an outdoor wedding?

Planning a wedding is an exciting process, but it also becomes stressful and you might face unexpected inconveniences. If at the moment you are trying to decide whether to go for an outdoor venue or an indoor reception, making a decision might seem extremely difficult. Well, there are a few strong reasons why you should think more about choosing the outdoor wedding instead of the indoor one. From finding affordable Marquee hire south London to having that fairy tale venue you have always dreamed of, here is why an outdoor event is the perfect choice:

It’s more affordable

Popular restaurants, those that are perfect for weddings, can be quite expensive to rent, which means you will need a pretty large wedding budget. Moreover, if you were thinking about having some of your family members cook the food in order to save some money, if you have your reception at a restaurant, this will not be possible. Renting a marquee, on the other hand, will be far more affordable, and you can hire catering equipment also, so you will not have to pay a fortune for the food either.

Marquee availability

While some people plan their weddings with one or two years in advance, others enjoy spontaneity and might decide to get married in a month or two. If you have had your eye on a famous restaurant, reserving it with just a month or two in advance will probably not be possible. With marquee hire however, you do not have to make reservations with years in advance, because you will find far more options available on short notice, in comparison with the indoor alternative.

It’s the perfect wedding scenario

Let’s face it, there is no restaurant or ball hall out there that is as beautiful and romantic as nature itself. If you have a lovely backyard, or you have the possibility of renting a space somewhere in an enchanting location, then your venue will certainly turn out as impeccable as you desire. An outdoor venue will allow you to create the perfect wedding scenario, and you can beautify and decorate the area exactly as you desire. You can choose exactly the theme you want, and decorate the outdoor space accordingly.

If you desire to have a fairy tale wedding, exactly like those you see in movies, choosing an outdoor setting will be the best way to go. Considering that it can be more affordable, and definitely more stylish, perhaps you should give this option more of your consideration. Moreover, you can find a hire company to provide you with all the venue supplies you need at extremely affordable prices. All you have to do is search online for a hire firm of this kind, and request a quota.