Hibernating perfect living room

The days are shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the nights are cooler, and you feel more depressed. Winter somehow has this power to make people depressed, the chilly temperatures stop you from spending time outdoors, and if your house does not feel comfortable, you have the recipe for some boring months. It is up to you to make your house feel perfect for hibernating. It all starts with the living room, it is the room of the house, where you spend most of your time, and you should make it feel comfortable and welcoming.  This space should be designed to be enjoyed and lived. Some small updates can transform it immediately, and make it feel more pleasant.

Bring some candles indoors

If you want to make a room feel cosier, you can easily do it with the help of some candles. Buy scented candles to create an intimate atmosphere. Their flickering light has a warming and romantic effect on the space. For a pop of style, choose some glass containers for the candles. Enhance the scent of the candles with natural oils. Place the candles canisters on pillars or gather them in a corner of the house to make a statement. If you have a wood burning stove in the living room, you can place the candles above it; you will move the focus in a single spot. 

The stove is the heart of the house

If you have an open plan house, then a stove can become the central element of the house. The stove is considered a hot piece of furniture, and where you count that it is functional and practical. It will warm up the space and it will create a cosy focal point. The living room is the space where you spend the majority of the time, and with the help of the stove, you transform the room in an all-purpose one. Check the models of gas stoves and see which one of them better suits the design of your house.

Change the window treatments

Change the window treatments seasonally. During winter, you should opt for a model that blocks the heat indoors, because a lot of warmth is lost through windows.  In order to insulate your living room, you should install curtains with inner lining. The perfect curtain adds depth and texture to your room.

Dress the floor

If you do not have a rug on the floor, it is the moment to bring one indoors. During winter a rug can do wonders, especially if we are talking about one made from 100% wool. The fabric feels great under the feet, and it adds a soft touch to the room. It will make the living room look more inviting.

Check the temperature

The temperature is directly influencing the atmosphere of a room. Make sure that your heating system maintains an ideal temperature in the living room, especially when you are at home. If the room is cold during the wintertime, a fireplace or stove can help you warm up the space and make it feel cosier.