Should I call Sky`s help line?            


If you live in the United Kingdom, then you may collaborate with Sky to provide you TV services. This TV service is known for the variety of services it offers, because it continues to add new channels, to meet the requirements of different type of customers. It is understandable that you have chosen them, because they bring multiple options, and all you have to do is to sign a contract with them. At the moment Sky provides the largest number of TV channels in the country, but also the greatest number of HD channels. If you opt for their services, you will also benefit of unrivalled sport and movies programs. If you want to enjoy Sky, then you will have to get a satellite dish. In case you will experience issues with the Sky channels, then it is advisable to contact Sky`s help line, because they will advise you on how to fix your issues.

Call Sky`s help line if the box is stuck on standby

There are cases when you can fix by yourself the TV if the box is stuck on standby. You may notice that the box has an issue if it displays an amber or flickering light. But before calling the help line, it is advisable to try to fix it by yourself. You should download the My Sky App, because it will help you deal with multiple issues, and it is compatible with numerous devices. The first thing you have to do is to check the box and the remote, to see if they are properly working. Also, it is advisable to restart the Sky box, because in some cases it starts working after doing it. In addition, you can download the box software. In case none of these tricks works, you should call the help line and book an engineer to come and offer you support. The same you should do in case you have a HD box, or other type of box from Sky.

Get help if you have remote control issues

In case you notice that your remote control does not work properly, then you should check the instructions, to see if you can fix it by yourself. So, before you call the help line, you should check the sensor, because there are times when there is something that blocks the line of sight between the box and the remote. In addition, it is important to check the TV input settings, because for the remote to work, the TV has to be tuned into the correct input channel. You should select the correct TV mode, and for doing it you should press sky on the remote control, and then you should try to press the other buttons, and see if it functions. Sometimes the batteries of the remote are not working, and you can check if you need a pair of new ones by pressing any one of the buttons. In case you are not able to find the number of the Sky help line, you can access a telephone directory service, because they have a large base of numbers from multiple companies.